Using Penda Assessment Activities for High-Stakes Assessment Prep
Feb 28, 2022

Using Penda Assessment Activities for High-Stakes Assessment Prep

Penda's assessment activities give students practice working on the content they’ll encounter on high-stakes tests. The fun, game-based activities eliminate the anxiety that comes with testing while friendly competition and built-in rewards for using Penda encourages students to practice in and out of school hours, leading to skill development, mastery and confidence. Penda's SSA and EOC assessement activities can be used to obtain standards-based data needed to craft a plan to prepare for these high stakes assessments.
1. Give the SSA/EOC Assessment Activity to your students.
2. Run a line-item analysis report for each class period.
3. Using the line-item analysis report, identify the 10 lowest performing standards in each class period.
4. Make a plan to assign the Developing, Achieving, and Exceeding activities for one low-performing standard per week to each class period using the list of standards identifiied for each class.

“Our biology proficiency was actually at 76%. That was just a really awesome surprise and I know that that had to do with the supplementing of Penda …” – Georgia Waddups, Assistant Principal, Duval Charter Scholars Academy, FL

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