Penda’s online science activities combine the fun of a video game with evidence-based educational practices. Everything from the content delivery and question types to student interaction with the platform is designed to motivate and engage students so that they become immersed in learning. While as little as 30 minutes of using Penda per week has been shown to increase science achievement, most students want to play — and learn — for much longer than that.

Rigorous Content. Exciting, Motivating Games.

Using Penda, students learn complex material through fun, carefully-designed activities that incorporate videos and PhET interactive simulations to help deepen learning through hands-on experimentation.

Students are presented with appropriate challenges for their mastery level and can progress at their own pace. The student dashboard empowers students to choose activities, retry activities to improve their scores, and work ahead once they’ve mastered an activity, building science knowledge and intrinsic motivation along the way.

Activities are auto-assigned to students based on your organizational progression calendar but educators can create an assign activities to individual students, small groups, and the whole class based on learning needs.

Only Penda provides a comprehensive learning experience from acquiring scientific knowledge to real-world application.

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Activites are broken into levels for every standard and performance expectation to support independent learning and growth.
Students earn points, badges, and digital currency as they complete and master activities which incentivize students to learn and build their skills and knowledge.
Photos, videos, charts, graphs, and other multi-media help bring concepts to life for students and keep them engaged as they progress through activities.
Integrated PhET interactive simulations provide students with opportunities to explore, question, test hypotheses, and see science in action in order to deepen their scientific knowledge.

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