Gamify Science Instruction for Academic Gains

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Based on Proven Pedagogy, Backed by Research

Research clearly supports gamification as a powerful tool for education, and Penda Learning proves it. Students routinely
see significant gains with just 30 minutes of practice per week — practice which can be done from anywhere with an
internet connection. Districts and schools using Penda effectively and consistently improve science outcomes
because the platform is constructed on a foundation of research and pedagogy.

 Penda’s gamified, identity-based activities tap into both the emotional and intellectual functions of the brain to deepen students’ grasp of science concepts.
 Penda presents students with choices, which is scientifically proven to make them more likely to complete tasks and remember content.
 Penda employs Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to expand students’ skill sets and offer new challenges, literally creating new pathways in the brain.
 Penda uses Piaget’s scaffolds to allow all students to access prior knowledge up front, motivating them to move through higher levels of appropriate cognitive complexity naturally.
 Penda adheres to Vygotsky’s Zones of Proximal Development, offering challenges that expand students’ emotional and intellectual reach to encourage skill-building and growth.

Proof That Penda Learning Gets Results

Sarasota County

Sarasota County Schools implemented district wide for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024. Test score data from 2023 show a positive correlation between Penda usage and Sarasota County Schools jump in state rankings. READ >

Charter Schools USA

There was a significant correlation in the science achievement of students, grades 3- biology, as measured by growth in NWEA RIT scores, for students who used the Penda Science program in the 2021–22 school year. READ >

Flagler County

Flagler County Public Schools implemented Penda Learning in nine buildings from Grades 5 through Biology. Their students had an increase on statewide science assessment (SSA) scores within the first year of Penda use, which was the 2022-2023 SY. READ >

Clay County

Within two years, the district moved from 36th to 3rd in 2021–22 Statewide Science Assessment (SSA) and end-of-course (EOC) scores, with substantial grade 5, 8, and biology improvements for Penda users. READ >

Hillsborough County

Data gleaned from results on the Florida State Science Assessment show that Penda increases student success on high-stakes exams in schools and across the district. READ >

Miami-Dade County

Utilizing Penda as instructional support in select middle schools, Miami-Dade County boosts student performance on the Florida Grade 8 Statewide Science Assessment. READ >

Supporting Science Teachers in Reaching Every Student, Every Week

Learn why administrators, teachers, and students all love Penda Learning — and how this gamified science curricula supports excellent science instruction.

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