Penda's standards-aligned assessments offer an engaging and motivational learning experience. These assessments yield comprehensive data that equip educators with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their instructional strategies, fostering an enriched learning environment for students.

How Penda Supports Data-Driven Instruction

The Science Assessments Students Can’t Wait to Play

Hand-aligned to state standards and NGSS performance expectations, Penda includes thousands of science test items along with grade-level assessments and checks for understanding or formative assessments.

Penda Assessment Data

Penda Assessment Activities

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Student Learning

Mini assessments are available for state standards and NGSS performance expectations. These five question assessments can be used to gauge prior knowledge, check for understanding after a lesson, provide students with practice for high-stakes test, and offer a students a fun exit ticket activity.

A Roadmap to Using Penda’s High-Quality Assessments

Take a look at this roadmap for how to use Penda Science assessments throughout the year to improve student outcomes

Penda Assessment Data

Meaningful Data to Positively Impact Student Outcomes

Standards-based line-item analysis reports are available for every Penda assessment activity. Teachers and administrators can analyze student progress by standard. Data is aggregated among all students who took the assessment and can be filtered by a specific class period. Clicking on any individual student score reveals the question, possible answer options, and the student’s response. This detailed analysis is invaluable in determining whether specific concepts need to be retaught to the whole class or whether students need small group or individualized instruction in targeted areas.

Penda Assessment Instruction
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