Science Learning Without Boundaries
Feb 21, 2022

Make Science Accessible for All Students

Use Penda Science's Built-In Supports to Ensure All Students Have Access to High-Quality Science Instruction

As you continue to invest in technology and curricula to address the needs of English language learners (ELL) and students with disabilities, Penda Science can help you provide inclusive learning opportunities and close gaps — next semester and beyond.

Integration with Immersive Reader makes all of Penda’s 950+ interactive, standards-based science activities accessible to learners of all abilities.
- Translation from English into 60 languages
- Sophisticated text-to-speech capabilities
- Flexible visual display options
- Diagnostic, formative and summative assessments to identify learning needs and monitor progress toward mastery
- Scaffolded, differentiated activities help close learning gaps in science for all students

Explore all of Penda’s features and supports for the inclusive classroom.

“We have a large population of English language learners. The Immersive Reader function with the read-aloud has been very helpful for teachers. We [also] have a lot of students especially in middle school that struggle with reading so much. They can study the science content, and pop in some headphones and listen to someone read it aloud.” ~ Georgia Waddups, Assistant Principal, Duval Charter Scholars Academy, FL

Improve science mastery for all students –– grade 3 through biology — with Penda’s inclusive platform and content crafted to Florida NGSSS.