School Open House 2022 - 2023
Aug 08, 2022

Welcome back to school! The days and weeks before the first day of school are full of excitement (and a little stress) as teachers and students prepare for a brand new school year! Those empty hallways will soon be full of eager and energetic students ready to take on new challenges and learn from the best -- YOU!

As you prepare for your school's Open House, you may want to prepare for the questions your students and parents will have about Penda Science. We've got you covered!

* We have a ready-made "About Penda Learning" Powerpoint presentation for you to use for your Open House presentation or to share with teachers digitally.
* Penda Learning's Implementation & Support Services team has prepared a parent/guardian letter for teachers to use to communicate about Penda Learning, how to access it outside of school, usage expectations, and identify how parents/guardians can support student learning using Penda Science.
* Print Student Sign-In Stickers on sticker paper or copy paper to send your school's Penda sign-in credentials home with your students. PDF and editable versions can be downloaded here.