TEACHER TIP: Modify Penda Activities to Customize Them to Your Needs
Dec 05, 2022

Did you know you can edit Penda activities to meet the needs of your students? You can add or delete screens, change vocabulary, swap out images or data tables, or change anything else you would like.

TRY THIS - Modify any Penda Science activity or create your own version. You can use them for:
- Bell-work, exit tickets
- Quizzes, assessments
- Study guides (review)
- Mock assessments

One easy way to modify a Penda activity is to take any of our activities that you have recently assigned and take out all of the informational screens. That way the activity only has question screens. Then assign the activity to your students as a mini-quiz, bellwork, or exit ticket. It will be automatically graded and students will still get points for the activity.

Watch our 'how-to' video here.