Keep a Pulse on Science Mastery with Penda Reports
Apr 08, 2022

Keep a Pulse on Science Mastery
Informative, Insightful, and Versatile Penda Science Reports

Guide Instruction & Intervention for All Stakeholders

At Penda Science, we blend high-quality, standards-based science content and assessments with cutting-edge gamification to keep students authentically engaged in learning and provide teachers with the tools they need to improve science outcomes for all students, including easy-to-use reports on student progress and mastery.

Watch the video for a quick tour of Penda’s comprehensive reporting suite.

Ensure all students are ready for success with Penda Science

From meeting end-of-year benchmarks to improving scores on high-stakes testing, educators rely on Penda Science to motivate and empower students to spend more time practicing and mastering science standards.

* Standards-aligned: 950+ scaffolded, differentiated science activities that are hand-crafted to Florida NGSSS and aligned to Texas TEKS and NGSS for grades 3–8, physical science, environmental science, and high school biology. *
* Scaffolded to every student’s skill level: Differentiated activities meet each student where they are, helping to close learning gaps by automatically reinforcing material as needed and introducing new concepts when they’re ready to move on. *
* Built-in feedback: Penda puts students in control of their own learning by providing immediate feedback and support so they can build their skills. *
* Progress monitoring: Penda auto-grades students’ assignments and provides data-rich reports that teachers can use to guide instruction, interventions and enrichment. *
* Supports for diverse learners and the inclusive classroom — including translation into 60 languages, sophisticated text-to-speech capabilities, and flexible visual display options — make science accessible and fun for all students. *