Gaming + Science Curriculum = Cultivating Student Passion & Success
Feb 07, 2022

Are you searching for new ways to engage your students in learning while promoting science mastery?

Research shows that gamification can be your most powerful teaching and learning tool. "Penda’s 950+ interactive, standards-based science activities" combine the fun and motivation of a video game with evidence-based educational practices.

* Scaffolded and differentiated activities incorporate Marzano’s high-yield learning strategies to help all students build a strong foundation of scientific knowledge.

* "Interactive simulations" support the inquiry-based 5E model and allow students to explore, engage, visualize, and test the concepts they’re learning.

* Customizable avatars engage students emotionally and cognitively.

* Incentives like points, leaderboards and Penda Worlds keep students motivated to learn.

* Challenges, student and system initiated, foster healthy academic competition and camaraderie.

Take a look at all of "Penda's gamification features" that drive student engagement and science mastery.

“[Penda] allows you to really create that competitive spirit, and honestly that’s the gaming aspect that the kids like. We’re bringing their world into education when we do that.” ~ Anthony Tyrkala, Principal, Aventura City of Excellence School, FL

Inspire all students –– grade 3 through biology — using Penda’s gamified science curriculum with content crafted to Florida NGSSS, Texas TEKS and NGSS.