Engage Students with Dynamic Science Instruction
Oct 29, 2021

Take learning further with PhET interactive simulations

Inquiry, exploration and curiosity are at the heart of science. And they’re the foundation of Penda Learning’s game-based science curricula for grades 3–8, physical science, environmental science, and high school biology. Integrated PhET interactive simulations provide students with the opportunity to see the scientific concepts they’re learning through Penda lessons and activities in action and interact with them, testing hypotheses and seeing what happens.

This combination of NGSSS-aligned content with hands-on, inquiry-based learning not only helps students master scientific concepts but helps them become engaged, enthusiastic scientists.

Learn more about the PhET interactive simulations in this short video.

Support Effective Science Instruction & Accelerate Learning with Penda
At Penda Learning, we blend high-quality, inclusive NGSSS-aligned science content, assessments, and gamification to keep students authentically engaged in learning and provide teachers with the tools they need to improve science mastery for all students.

Penda’s online platform:
  • Provides 950+ scaffolded, differentiated science activities that cover every FL NGSSS standard in grades 3–8, physical science, environmental science, and high school biology
  • Includes access to dozens of PhET interactive simulations that support inquiry-based learning and the 5E model of instruction
  • Auto-assigns activities to students that are aligned to your district's scope and sequence
  • Auto-grades all student responses
  • Supports differentiated learning and facilitates class, small group, and individual instruction
  • Offers translation from English to over 60 languages, sophisticated text-to-speech capabilities, flexible visual display options, and more to support diverse learners
  • Includes diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments and comprehensive reporting to monitor district, school, class, and student progress

Interested in how Penda can increase student achievement in science in your school or district? Get in touch and book an online demo!