Apr 06, 2020


To further support Florida science education, and students and teachers implementing distance learning, starting April 12, 2020, Learning 2020's Content Development Team will be launching new Penda Science activities each week. These activities have been carefully crafted to the FL NGSSS standards. For each standard, teachers and students will have access to 3 differentiated activities per standard - developing, achieving, and exceeding.


Activities Include:

- Objective: all activities will include a student objective, specific achievement level descriptors, and key vocabulary to set the instructional tone for distance learning

- Recall It! to activate prior knowledge, from which the learning experience will be built from

- Introduce It! to introduce and unpack the concept or topic that will be taught during the Penda science activity

- Learn It! to provide small chunks of science instruction for students to process and digest

- Practice It! and Review It! to check student comprehension throughout the instructional/learning process

- Summarize It! and Write It! to assess the student's mastery of the achievement level descriptors set out at the beginning of the activity