Back To School 2021-2022
Aug 01, 2021

**Back To School. 2021 - 2022**

Welcome back to school! The Penda team hopes that you had a safe, healthy, and restful summer break.

Our teams have been hard at work this summer. Here are just a few projects we've completed to make Penda even better for 2021-2022:

- Partnered with PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder, to provide 100+ simulations within Penda

- Integrated Penda with Canvas and Schoology LMS systems

- Created all-new 'assessment' activities for every grade (3 - biology) for diagnostic, formative, or summative use

- Implemented teacher, school administrator, and district/organization-level line-item analysis reporting for all Penda activities (including standards-based line-item analysis reports for all assessment activities)

- Created and launched a new "Getting Started With Penda Science" student edition video

- Created and launched all-new self-help 'how-to' videos

- Enhanced 85 existing science activities

- Fine-tuned teacher functionality, including Assignment Mastery Reports (now collects student progress from the assignment start date thru the due date, plus 14 days), and the ability to create your very own activities (from your Penda account Home Page

- Enhanced the 24/7/365 on-demand science teacher PD series (avaialble from your Penda teacher account Home Page)

- Created and launched a 24/7/365 science department chair PD series and school administrator PD series (avaialble from your Penda admin account Home Page)