Whether you need a high-level view of class performance, insights on an individual student’s science mastery, or a check-in on class understanding of a specific standard, Penda provides the data you need in comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports. Penda supports data-driven instruction and provides teachers and administrators with actionable insight into student learning and progress.

How Penda Science Supports Data-Driven Instruction

Data-Rich Reports at Your Fingertips

The Penda Science reporting suite includes progress, usage, and line item analysis reports to inform instruction and intervention. High-level information is available at-a-glance but teachers can drill down to see the performance of each student, including student answers per question and how long they’ve spent on each activity, screen-by-screen.
School & District Insights

School & District Insights

Custom Reports & Insights

Using Penda’s custom report builder, educators can access exactly the data they need, in real time. Customize date ranges and filters in order to monitor progress of a course, grade-level, class, intervention group, or individual student.

What Educators Are Saying

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