Ensure Excellent Science Instruction for All Students

Motivate and empower students to excel in science using Penda Learning’s gamified activities for grades 3–high school, hand crafted for NGSS and state standards. Short on qualified teachers? No problem! Penda’s Pacing Assistance Service auto-assigns activities based on your scope and sequence to ensure continuous science learning no matter what!

Make Science a Game —
                At Home & In Class

Make Science a Game — In School and at Home

Penda’s gamified science activities and PhET interactive simulations bring inquiry, fun and rigor to learning for all students, including English learners and those with special needs.
Make Science a Game —
                At Home & In Class

Ensure Excellent Science Instruction — Even with Vacancies and Subs

Our unique Pacing Assistance Service (PAS) customizes Penda’s online game-based learning activities to your specific scope and sequence — then auto-assigns them to students to lighten teachers’ workload.
Monitor Progress & Target
                Interventions with Ease

Support Student Growth with Insightful, Easy-to-Use Data

Penda’s automated reports provide the data you need to monitor progress, differentiate instruction, and target interventions within an RTI or MTSS framework, even when students are learning from home.

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